Tjasus is a show which broadcast on every Thursday 8:30pm Kabul Time. [...]

Musafir Season 2

In the program of Musafer; meaning passenger, we travel to the delicious world of foods, visit every corner of the country and show [...]


Barq-e-Loch is an Afghan stand-up comedy series which premiered on 2016 and is broadcast by Ariana Television Network. [...]


The concept, which originated by Dr. Jawid sidiqi mostly focuses on health and medical issues, as a team of medical professionals (and sometimes [...]

59 Minute Duel

59 Minute Duel is a show which broadcast on every Friday 6:30pm Kabul Time. [...]

ATN Awards

The Ariana Award Show was held in Kabul, Afghanistan and later the torch of Afghan culture was lit in different corners of the [...]

The recitation of Quran

An Islamic and religious program in which a number of recitators of Holy Quran recite the Holy verses and are being on aired [...]


Sobh-O-Zindagi is a social programs depict life in the morning and face the problems of the country and also public problems. They include [...]


Mehman-e-Man is a show which broadcast on every Thursday 5:30pm Kabul Time. [...]

Nawai (Dulhan)

Nawai ( Dulhann)  is an immensely popular Indian soap opera that aired on Zee TV  Indian channel August 14, 2006 through May 2009  and [...]

Viewers choice

Viewer choice is a amusing and live show by Ariana television An hour-long music show for viewers of all ages, inside and outside [...]

Ariana News

Afghanistan’s largest and most reliable news  network in providing latest and breaking news of Afghanistan, Region and the World with on air debates [...]