Wakonish (Reaction)

A social program which explains Afghan National security forces activities, in case of any Emergency Call  911 and  after tracing addresses and information [...]

Mara bebakhsh

Mara bebakhsh is a Turkish family drama TV series which is airing on Ariana Television Network. The story revolves around a Turkish family, [...]

Rawish e Roshan

Rawish e Roshan is an Islamic program which comes live on Every Friday at 3:00 PM This show is about Islam religion and [...]

Bebin wa Bepaz

is an Afghan reality television show, airing on Ariana television. The show follows the operations of the golden chief in Afghanistan .The show [...]


The concept, which originated by  Dr. Jawid sidiqi  mostly focuses on health and medical issues, as a team of medical professionals (and sometimes [...]

Parwana Ha

An interesting TV program for children and adolescents aimed to Picturize their talent and as well as to make them understand their basic [...]

Cheragh e hedayat

Ariana television always try to religious content and programming for viewers fortunately we were able with such programs is that One of these [...]

Nima Roz

Nima Roz is an Afghan family living in a half actor the experts with helpful advice deals with family problems. Include Friday 2 [...]


A weekly look at the latest movie and cinema-related news of Afghanistan and the world. Come hear about Afghan films, as well as, [...]


Warzesh; meaning sport, brings you updates of sports, introduce you with dominant domestic and international athletes, world’s leading federations as well as interesting [...]

Setarahaye Rangin

A dynamic music program featuring amusing commentary and special insight into the best and newest songs of the day. Be sure to send [...]