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Bayat, Globally Renown Executive And Philanthropist, Receives Prestigious Award In Recognition Of Being Founder Of Afghan Telecoms Sector, And Committed Champion of Technological Innovation

Kabul, Afghanistan — September 10, 2017 — Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) (, the nation’s first mobile communications company, the founder of Afghanistan’s mobile communications market and a leading provider of voice, data, entertainment and mobile payment services to over 5,000,000 consumers and businesses, announced today that Dr. Ehsan Bayat, the Founder of Afghan Wireless, the Ariana Television Network (ATN),  and the Chairman of The Bayat Group, (,  has received the 2017 Best Media and Telecom CEO Award from International Finance Magazine (IFM).

International Finance Magazine (, which is published in 185 countries, provides the world’s leading executives with timely and vital information, analysis and insights about developments within global financial markets. IFM bestowed its most prestigious award upon Dr. Ehsan Bayat, in recognition of his historic position as the founding executive of Ariana Television Network—which broadcasts award winning programming to 25,000,000 Afghans, and for establishing Afghan Wireless—Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company.

As a direct result of Dr. Ehsan Bayat’s determination to build an innovative, thriving Afghan-owned communications company which would connect Afghans to one another—and the world—Dr. Bayat founded the Afghan mobile communications sector and built Afghan Wireless into Afghanistan’s largest wireless communications company.

AWCC provides world-class 4G LTE, 3.75G+ and 3G Voice, Data, Internet and My Money Mobile Payment Services to more than five-million subscribers who live in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.   Afghan Wireless—together with its community of dealers, agents and representatives, has employed well over 100,000 Afghans.

Afghanistan’s wireless communications sector—the sector which was founded and built up by Dr. Bayat and Afghan Wireless—is the largest and most profitable segment of Afghanistan’s economy. Today, Afghanistan’s wireless communications sector provides the Afghan Government with more than 25% of all tax revenues collected in Afghanistan.

In 2017, both Afghan Wireless and ATN demonstrated their continuing commitment to technological innovation. In May 2017, Afghan Wireless launched its 4G LTE Service—the only 4G LTE network available in Afghanistan. The Company is also rapidly expanding its Mobile Payments and Valued Added Services (VAS) initiatives.

August 2017 saw ATN launch its high speed Internet based content streaming service. The new streaming service provides continuous, live streaming of all programming currently featured on ATN’s broadcast network.

“I’m honored to be selected by International Finance Magazine as 2017’s Best Telecom and Media CEO,” said Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, the Chairman of Afghan Wireless. “Success is a team effort, so this award is also a recognition of the loyalty and hard work contributed by everyone at Afghan Wireless, ATN, and the entire Bayat Group; their commitment has made our success possible.”

“All of us at AWCC, ATN and The Bayat Group are continually humbled by—and proud of—the opportunity we’ve been given to serve Afghans,” Dr. Bayat said. “We are proud that Afghan Wireless, ATN and every company that is part of The Bayat Group are enterprises built by Afghans for Afghans. And we look forward to serving the people of Afghanistan, to contributing to our nation’s growth and progress, for many, many years to come.”

About Afghan Wireless:

The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) ( is Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company and the founder of Afghanistan’s wireless communications market. Launched in 2002 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Chairman of The Bayat Group (, AWCC provides 4G LTE,  3.75G+, 3G, 2.5G,  Voice, Data, Internet and Mobile Payment Services to more than five million Business and Consumer Clients, located in all of Afghanistan’s thirty-four provinces. The Company has global partnerships with 425 wireless carrier networks in 125 countries.

About ATN:

Launched in 2005 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Founder of ATN and the Chairman of The Bayat Group (, ARIANA Television (ATN) and Radio Ariana 93.5 are the largest private media channels in Afghanistan, covering 33 of 34 provinces and reaching over 20,000,000 Afghans.

Focusing on information, content and entertainment that rekindles Afghanistan’s traditions and culture, ATN’s programming places particular emphasis on education, health, children’s programming, women’s and world issues, and we take great pride in broadcasting accurate, unbiased news to our audience.

ATN provides the Afghan Nation with a “Window for a Better Tomorrow”, by exposing our radio and television audiences to the best of international arts & culture and expanding opportunities for Afghan writers, producers, actors, and directors.

Along with our affiliated enterprises – The Afghan Wireless Communication Company – and The Bayat Family Foundation, we employ and train more than 6,500 Afghans throughout the country and we are proud to have Afghans building and broadcasting ATN / Ariana 93.5 / ATN News / ATN News FM for all of Afghanistan.


Afghan-Owned Energy Company Leads Transformational Effort To Foster Nation’s Energy Independence

Kabul, Afghanistan—October 3, 2016—Bayat Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayat Energy (, an Afghan-owned, independent energy exploration, development and production company executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today to enter into a partnership with Bayat Power for its three-phase, US$ 250M Independent Power Producer (IPP) investment program.

The program’s first phase – Bayat Power 1 – is a 100% equity financed power plant to be located in Sheberghan, capital of Jawzjan Province which will have a 52MW capacity.  Subsequent phases will scale to more than 200MW of capacity, utilizing advanced aeroderivative technology.  The fully completed gas-fired power plant will be able to generate in excess of 200 MW of power and is expected to have an operational life of at least twenty-years.

“This project — the first privately financed gas-fired power plant in Afghanistan’s history — will harness the rich and plentiful gas resources available in the Sheberghan/Yatimtaq Region to help kick-start Afghanistan’s journey towards energy independence, help restore our domestic gas-to-power industry and develop our nation’s economy,”  Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, Chairman of Bayat Power stated.  “We look forward to working with the Afghan government, our technical partners, and most importantly, our fellow citizens, in our mission to create jobs and opportunities which benefit the entire nation.”

The MoU — approved during a meeting of Afghanistan’s Economic Council chaired by His Excellency, President Ashraf Ghani, on Sunday, October 2nd — was signed by Dr. Bayat and Eng. Ali Ahmad Osmani, Minister of Energy and Water, in the presence of His Excellency President Ghani and Economic Council members on Monday, October 3rd.

About Bayat Energy:

Bayat Energy is Afghanistan’s leading Afghan Owned Oil and Gas exploration, Development and Production Company. Founded by Dr. Ehsan Bayat, the Chairman of The Bayat Group (, Bayat Energy is a division of The Bayat Group of companies, which include Afghan Wireless ( Ariana Television and Radio (, and additional Construction, Consumer and Logistics Enterprises. Learn more about how Bayat Energy is building an Afghan energy industry which will provide affordable, accessible to the Afghan people by visiting our website:

Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, Founder And Chairman Of The Bayat Group To Receive 2016 Alumni Achievement Award From The New Jersey Institute Of Technology

Founder of Afghan Wireless, Ariana Television and Radio, Bayat Energy and The Bayat Foundation Honored For Transformative Contributions to Afghanistan’s Economic and Social Development

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla., May 23, 2016The Bayat Group (, Afghanistan’s largest private Communications, Media and Energy Company, announced today that the Company’s Founder and Chairman, Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, will receive the 2016 Alumni Achievement Award from The New Jersey Institute of Technology (, one of America’s most prestigious Polytechnic Universities, which is also ranked among the top 25 Public Colleges in the United States.

The NJIT Alumni Achievement Award recognizes members of the NJIT community who have made exceptional contributions in the areas of Social, Educational and Technical projects. Dr. Bayat, a proud alumnus of NJIT’s Class of 1986, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

“I am honored to receive NJIT’s 2016 Alumni Achievement Award,” said Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat. “My studies at NJIT helped transform my curiosity about wireless communications and technology into an amazing and rewarding career through which I have been able to serve millions of people across Afghanistan. I truly have had the opportunity to apply technology to connect, benefit, and engage with a nation – and the world itself – and I will always be grateful for the opportunity that my degree from NJIT has given me to build a successful Company.”

The Bayat Group of Companies, led by Dr. Bayat, has contributed powerful, positive and permanent progress to the economic and social development of all Afghans. For example, Afghan Wireless (, the nation’s first wireless company, provides world-class communications services to more than 4,000,000 subscribers across all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Broadcast programming from Ariana Television and Radio (, Afghanistan’s largest private media group, reaches an audience of more than 20,000,000 Afghans. Hospitals established by the Bayat Foundation ( have provided life saving healthcare to 1,500,000 Afghan women and children, and brought the gift of hearing to more than 2,000 hearing impaired Afghan children through its annual hearing aid missions.

NJIT conferred the 2016 Alumni Achievement Award to Dr. Bayat and other 2016 Award Recipients at a ceremony on NJIT’s Newark, NJ Campus on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 5:00PM.


The Bayat Group (, is Afghanistan’s largest private diversified services company, comprising Media and Telecoms (Afghan Wireless, Ariana TV and Radio); Energy and Mining (Bayat Energy); and Construction. The Bayat Foundation ( is also amongst the most active and generous private charitable organizations in the nation. The Bayat Group’s diverse and successful activities within Afghanistan illustrate the Company’s deep commitment to Afghanistan’s economic growth and progress. As the nation’s largest private employer, The Bayat Group employs nearly 6,000 Afghans directly, and indirectly provides employment to more than 100,000 Afghan citizens through the strategic relationships the Company enjoys with its ecosystem of Afghan based dealers and vendors.

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